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About Me

eve wylden:  actor extraordinaire.

but that's not all..

i am a woman of many interests!  i am a certified nutritional practitioner, and have become one of those annoying picky-vegetarian-health food eaters (trans fats never leave your body. ever. think about it).  my typing speed is over 90 wpm but i use a very old computer with a slow processing speed, so any time gained is immediately negated.  i have a strange ability to attract germans into my life (whether or not this should be considered a superpower is debatable).  Atonement is the book on my bedside table at the moment; Sucker was the last show i saw.  taking my gorgeous puppy (whom my vet insists on calling a senior) to the park gives me great pleasure (mostly because it tires her out).  as a joe job (sorry joes, i have no idea why it's called that), i have given up waitressing for receptioning (at a non-profit organization), for which my feet (and heart) are deeply thankful!

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